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Branding & art direction

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01 - overview

Soul Dogs City

Soul Dogs City is a Metaverse NFT project featuring cute and fun 70's-themed dog characters, with a focus on community engagement, transparency, and decision-making power through a DAO.



Arti Direction

To create the visual identity, the first step was to identify in our discovery sessions an essence that summed up the brand, and we defined the essence as: Warm Groove

"A positive, sunny and warm place that highlights Groove and the 70's in a light and colorful way. A fluid look that goes with the movement and lightness of soul and funky."

02 - Identity
The Soul Dogs identity is built through all the visual universe of the brand already presented. With all the discovery processes done we could identify its values where the first characteristic is to be Retro communicating in a Funky way.
To build it we took into account the Soul, Funky and Groovy universe, bringing characteristics of the 70's that can be seen below. It is taken into account the expansion of the brand's universe as a metaverse of its own. The characters carry an important part of the project, so there is a weight in their image for the consumer, besides all the Funky universe adapted in small characteristics that make all the difference in the end.
03 - System
The Soul Dogs Key-Visual System is a mix of retro 70's graphic representations, adapted to make it simpler and characterize an identity. It consists of Stickers, Funky Effects and Groovy Textures
04 - $Bones
Soul Dogs City has its own token called $bones, so it was necessary to create a symbol that would represent it and still maintain the essence of the visual identity
The token bones, is based on the identity and system created, containing the same essence and being present in the Soul Dogs metaverse, is used the main symbol on characters "B, where its curves represent the animated version of the bone tips in a subtle way, in conjunction with the initials of the Token.