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Branding, Strategy & UX/UI

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01 - overview


Aira is a trusted AI to talk about money 24/7, a one-on-one, non-judgmental conversation through your cell phone, created from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to advise all your questions about the financial market. A brand identity is then developed that communicates the full potential that Aira can bring to investors.




Digital Design

Art direction

Product Design

The investor with his consumption of investment content in a passive way, without filters, gets an excess of information that generates more confusion and insecurity when it comes time to invest.

So with Aira's help, he becomes conscious and active, removing his occasional doubts in a personal and individual contact with an advisor who helps him make better decisions for his money.

The essence of a brand is its intrinsic philosophy, which matches every action it will take, giving it a direction to follow. With the core values of "Cozy", "Remarkable" and "Sympathetic", instead of just giving out information and content about investments, Aira should first be "Someone to Talk To", always listening in a light and non-judgmental way.
03 - Expression
To give the AI the look, Aira is composed of expressions that can adapt according to your reactions, it is built from 7 expressions.
04 - brand logo
Aira's logo is created from a Word-Mark, with features that represent the App. Created from Type: Neue Machina, it presents visual characteristics that represent AI technology in a subtle and light way. Aira's expression, is present in the character "i" having its expression divided in half formed by the dot of the i and its terminal.
05 - KVS: Expression balloons
To compose the Key-Visual System, Shapes are created for use in composing layouts, the Expression Balloons. The balloons represent the user's communication with Aira, it is through conversation that their doubts are answered, verbalizing and asking is what generates change.