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01 - overview


Is a brand that provides a sustainable packaging system for e-commerces, created from grass paper.



Art direction

Consumer habits are reflected in the increased disposal of recyclable materials, which is directly linked to the use of packaging. This trend is especially noticeable in the increased use of materials such as plastics and cardboard.

One solution to the issues of plastic use and the disposal of cardboard beyond their final use is the use of handmade grass fiber paper. This paper can be used as a material for packaging construction, which produces less waste and provides a more sustainable approach to the high consumption of e-commerce.

Grass is a raw material that is abundant in urban areas, yet remains underutilized. It is easier to extract pulp from grass than from wood, making it an attractive alternative for paper production.
Our focus is on finding an impactful and relevant segment in the market for fiber production, specifically the production of sustainable packaging for e-commerce. Our main objective is to fully replace plastic with fiber paper. This initiative is crucial in light of the current market scenario.
03 - RELVA
Relva was founded with a focus on creating sustainable packaging for e-commerce using vegetable grass fiber. The company integrates design and craftsmanship, drawing on techniques and processes from both graphic design and traditional craft practices.
In order to visually represent the brand, we delved into the process of creating grass fiber paper by hand. This resulted in the development of an experimental typography, which was used to create the brand's visual identity.
05 - LOGO
The logo was created by merging two typographies - the experimental and the base. We drew inspiration from the unique characteristics of each, which resulted in a third option of characters and ultimately led to the creation of the final logo.
The color palette we chose is inspired by various grass species, which influenced our selection of green tones. The earthy tones were inspired by the different soil types found throughout Brazil.
The identity system is built around the Relva typography, which was used to create typographic patterns that simulate the texture and appearance of fiber paper. These patterns visually resemble the paper used in our sustainable packaging products.
The Relva packaging system, is created from grass paper.
The system is divided into three main product lines: Zeon for transport boxes, Imperial for protective gloves, and Emerald for padded envelopes.
Bruno Furlan
Gisela Oliveira
Isabela Priante
Isabela Rodriguez
Matheus Gerard
Thiago Murakami

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