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Branding & Art direction

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01 - overview


Create a new visual identity for a leading publisher of Best-Sellers that transform lives, through an immersion into the authors' story to structure their careers.



Art Direction

"Hands on" - An essence that guides the visual identity

To create the visual identity, the first step was to identify in our discovery sessions an essence that summed up the brand, and we defined the essence as:

"Hands on: A process of building a journey that was not always so simple, now in a mentoring place.... Exercises, lectures and solutions. A hands-on Immersion that presents possibilities for paths, where ideas are emerging and need to be noted, emphasized and shared. A welcoming environment, created for sharing.”

02 - logo
To enable the use of the logo in different application situations, three versions were created: the main and priority version, the reduced version for small applications, and the signature version, which includes the name Rosely Boschini.
The company logo maintains the previous concept of the 3 Es forming stacked books. It was built from the Archivo - Variable typography, using different weights to blend the characters extended in the logo, such as the "B", "S" and "E" characters. The typography was designed and adapted to dialogue in a more coherent way with the brand's attributes and design principles.